I’ve never considered myself to be a writer. I know this is a weird way to introduce myself but it’s the honest truth! Verbally expressing myself on the other hand is what I’ve always been good at. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve shared a love affair with reading books, newspapers, magazines, online articles and the list goes on. I love the way I could always use my own imagination to float away in the mind of the author. Fast forward to 2017, I’m now a wife and mommy of the most awesome little human on earth. My life has changed dramatically ever since the day he made his grand entrance into our lives.  One thing that has never changed is my love for dressing up, bargain shopping, getting ‘dolled-up’ with makeup, and living an active healthy lifestyle. Come join me as I take you into my world, sharing with you my tips and tricks of living a fabulously beautiful life both inside and out! I love to not only look good, but feel good; my blog is an oasis of the best of both worlds.

Follow my blog to get all the information about the beauty products I use, trending to must -have products, get outfit ideas for each season; find out tips to shopping online efficiently and  how to get that expensive outfit for less and much more.


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