Cover\FX. Custom Cover Drops

Cover\FX. Custom Cover Drops


I went to my “beauty products supermarket” (Sephora) a few weeks ago, with the intention of buying a foundation that gives a dewy look since the one I currently use give a matte finish. I tested a few brands but had difficulty finding a good match for my skin tone. I was a bit frustrated and about to leave when the sales rep. suggested I try the Cover FX brand. I’d never heard of the brand before, but it immediately caught my attention when I saw the darker shades available. We all know the struggle us melanin popping sisters have when trying to find a good foundation that actually match our skin. I was pleasantly surprised by the entire line. It didn’t take me long to find a color match. For my lighter skin tones and Caucasian beauties, you will most likely be able to find your match from the over 30 shades available.

I tested the Custom Cover Drops and it left me “shook”!! It’s literally sorcery in a bottle! One, two or three drops added to your favorite beauty product (primer, moisturizer etc.) will give you sheer, medium or full coverage for your entire face. I have been using it quite often and love the versatility that it adds to my makeup catalogue. I add one drop to a pea size amount of primer, apply it with my foundation brush and get a full day of wear without having to do a touch up. I love that it will last me a long time because a little goes a very long way.




Have you ever tried the Cover FX brand? Did you like it? Leave your comments below.


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