“Fall for Jackets this Fall(Autumn)

“Fall” for Jackets/Coats this Fall (Autumn)


It’s getting cold outside! So it’s only fitting that I write about clothing items that will help to keep us warm. Fall is almost over and winter is shortly approaching. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you will soon have to be shoveling snow. On the bright side, it doesn’t hurt to look and feel fabulous while doing it.  It’s time to grab those fancy jackets that you have been hiding in the back of your closets. I love the extra layer to not only keep me warm but to also add a different twist to my outfits.

I realized that I have quite the collection of jackets when I started taking pictures for this blog. I did not buy them all at once. A good tip is to buy one or two each year and eventually you will have a few options when the cold season comes around. Different occasions call for a different style. If you are in the beginning stage of starting your collection, my best tip is to start with a black “basic” that can be worn with most of your outfits. You can add different colors and styles as you continue to grow your wardrobe.


My first one is this faux leather basic from M boutique; it is perfect for a not too cold day. It is a very versatile piece that can be worn with a casual outfits or draped over your shoulders for a more fancy look.


Denim is usually a staple item for most of us, I up until recently didn’t own a denim jacket. After I bought this one at Nordstrom I found myself wearing is all the time. You can literally wear it with anything. Its that one piece that your can get away with wearing all year long.


I got creative and tried this statement bomber jacket that from Shein. It will stand out from the rest. I love the gold zipper details and autumnal floral colors. It checks all the boxes for the current Fall fashion trends.


As you might have noticed, Bomber jackets were a trend since last year and by the looks of things this style might be here to stay. I decided to go with the Olive because “Olive is the new black”. This color is seen on all the fashion runways. It looks beautiful on all skin tones, you can’t go wrong in purchasing one.


Continuing with the Olive theme this wool jacket from Hudson Bay, has all the intricate details that makes its worth buying. It keeps me warm while not compromising on style.


If you are looking for a jacket that is currently trending, then the oversized bomber jacket from Zara is for you. I fell in love the moment I saw it and knew I had to get one. It’s soft and plush on the inside with faux shearling leather covering on the outside. I think you would be able to get away with wearing it during winter without feeling cold. Its very warm and cozy!


Remember how I said there should be a jacket/coat for different occasions? Well this proves my point. You can wear this sophisticated and chic look for  your special events. It is heavier than it looks and its double lining helps to keep you warm. You can shop this look at Zara.


I don’t know about you but I hate plastic rain coats. They cling to my skin when I get wet. I bought this Jessica Simpson water proof jacket with a hood to wear on the cold rainy days. Its lined on the inside with a soft fleece material perfect to keep you warm on a wet day!


Have you every gone online to shop and you see an item of clothing looking amazing on the model, so you decide to buy it? Well this is how I decided to buy this double breasted scalloped edge cape coat from Shein. when I received I thought for sure I would be returning it. I tried it on with with a similar look the model was wearing and I liked it. This coat is one of those piece that one might say looks ugly off but great while wearing it.

All the jackets/coats cost under $200 CDN. Lets chat below. Which one is your favorite?