What motherhood taught me Lessons you can learn

If two years ago someone told me I would have written this blog about my first year of motherhood, I would definitely have called the person crazy. But as destiny would have it, you are about to read about the most exciting year of my life. I felt very emotional yet extremely happy as soon … Continue reading What motherhood taught me Lessons you can learn

New Year’s Resolutions…dreams, goals or procrastination?

As the end to 2017 approached, I found myself constantly reflecting on the past year, I thought long and hard about the goals I did or didn’t achieve. I started making mental notes of changes I needed to make and wrote timelines in my diary. I noticed through social media that I was not alone, … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions…dreams, goals or procrastination?

Holiday gift shopping guide

Last minute gift shopping? Don’t panic, you are not alone! You may have already searched through the internet fishing for ideas. While that may be somewhat helpful, generic gift ideas are not always useful. Aim to give a gift that is unique and thoughtfully selected for each person you shop for. Keep reading if you … Continue reading Holiday gift shopping guide

Black Friday shopping guide

Canada’s thanksgiving came and went at the snap of a finger. For my American neighbors its right around the corner. Thanksgiving however is not just about the family dinners, the burnt or not so burnt turkey or cleaning the large pile of dishes after everyone leaves. It serves as the constant reminder that the following … Continue reading Black Friday shopping guide