Who is Colette?

Colette is an optimistic, witty and jovial Jamaican girl living in Toronto, Canada. The glass is always half full! My name assigned at birth is Shawna-Gay Collette Ellis. I am a Registered Nurse; therefore I use the name in that professional setting.  Strauss is my second last name by way of marriage to my wonderful husband. I decided to use Colette Strauss for my Blog because it represents who I am currently, it’s  a part of me that I don’t show in the professional setting, therefore I’m glad to express myself here.

What are your stats? (age, weight, height etc).

I’m 28 yrs old, 150lbs at my last weighing and 5 ft 5inches tall. (Even though, in my head I’m taller).

How did you decided to start a blog?

I was at home on maternity leave and decided that I needed to do something in my downtime. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. On one of my many trips to buy beauty products at Sephora, one of the sales representative mentioned to me that I should blog about all the make products I buy. I guessed she thought I would be somewhat of an expert given how often I was there. I thought about it and just decided to give it a try, so far I’ve loved it. I simply write about something I’ve grown to love which is dressing up and trying out new beauty products. I think I’ve been a beauty guru at heart but have not put a label to it.

What is your style inspiration?

Growing up I didn’t have a good sense of style. Jamaica is a tropical country so I dressed the same way all the time. I basically bought cheap clothes that I could afford and kept it very simple. After moving to Canada and experiencing the seasonal changes I was forced to think about what I wore. I also learned the hard way to ALWAYS check the weather forecast before leaving home. The weather can be sunny in the morning and storming the evening. I don’t have a specific label to describe the way I dress. These days I wear my “mom uniform” during the day which consists of black legging or denim pants with a top matching the season and running shoes or boots. For date night or special events I like to step it up with timeless and sometimes trendy pieces. I don’t believe that our closets should have many of the same pieces, because different occasions call for a different way of dressing.

What is your skin care routine?

My skin, by nature is very dry and the cold Canadian winter does not help. I follow a few basic steps to achieve a well moisturized acne free skin. I scrub (every other day), wash, dry (always with a fresh clean towel), tone, serum and moisturize. I will write a complete blog post detailing the products I use and what I’ve learned through trial and error to achieve clear skin.


For further questions, suggestions or collaborations, you may contact me at colettestrauss@yahoo.com.