Holiday gift shopping guide

Last minute gift shopping? Don’t panic, you are not alone! You may have already searched through the internet fishing for ideas. While that may be somewhat helpful, generic gift ideas are not always useful. Aim to give a gift that is unique and thoughtfully selected for each person you shop for. Keep reading if you want to learn the art of giving the perfect gift this holiday season. I don’t like to toot my own horn but I give amazing gifts that my husband loves more than anything. I think I’m so good at purchasing the perfect gift because I put a lot of thought into what I buy. I’m very observant making it easy to identify things that my friends or family may need. If you know what someone likes then buying them a gift will be a breeze.

If you have read my previous blog posts you will now realize that I like writing lists. So it should come as no surprise that my first recommendation is to write a list before you go holiday gift shopping.

  • Write down the names of the people you plan to give a gift. This way you will know the total number of items you need to buy and won’t forget anyone. If you already know what you plan to buy for some of the people on your list then write it down. For the ones that you are not sure of, leave it blank and revisit it after giving it some thought.
  • Create a budget. The cost of buying gifts can increase exponentially without you even realizing. Write the estimated amount that you plan to spend for each gift on the list you created. Gifts for kids are usually much less expensive than gift for adults. You may not be able to know the exact total that you will spend on each gift but having a guide will remind you to not spend more than your budget allow.
  • Cut cost by shopping for items in a package deal. Upon writing your list, you may realize that more than one person may be given similar or the same gift item. Shop at stores where you get multiple items at a reduced cost eg. Bath and body works sometimes have amazing sale deals on candles and fragrances when you purchase two are more. Take advantage of these shopping perks.
  • Buy cards, ribbons, gift bags and wrappers at a bargain price. Don’t be shy to buy these items for less. Gift wraps are usually ripped off when opening gifts then eventually thrown in the bin. Spend more money on the actual gift and spend less on the wrappings.
  • Think carefully about what you are buying for whom. Some people may have allergies to perfumes, lotions, body oils etc. Some may politely accept your gift but never use it.
  • Try to stay away from home decor items unless you know exactly what someone like or need. Some people much like myself, will not comprise the decor of their home just to display a gift item. Don’t go off buying abstract items that may end up in a box in the basement then eventually at the yard sale. Keep it simple.
  • Buy age appropriate gifts for kids. While buying a gift for a child may be less expensive, it may be more difficult to purchase. Ascertain their parents’ Some parents don’t allow their kids to play with certain toys or electronic devices; some also limit the amount of money they spend on gifts items. When in doubt, educational toys or story books are always a good option.
  • Get a gift receipt. Clothing as well as other items may have to be exchanged; giving a gift receipt with your gift will be helpful and appreciated.
  • Create a DIY (do it yourself) gift. Holiday gifts don’t always have to be expensive or store bought. If you are good at crafting, create a personalized gift. Your gift will definitely be appreciated when someone knows you spent time creating something uniquely special for him/her.
  • Give a gift card. There will be that one person that you just won’t know what to give. A gift card may be your best option. If you know they like to shop at a certain store, instead of trying to figure out what they may like, take the easy route and give them a gift card.

Remember the holidays is not just about gift giving so don’t feel pressured when you go shopping.

Happy Holidays



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